Bouncing Back Is Harder Than Sticking It Out!

see so many of my friends are making a conscious decision to live healthier lifestyles. I think we’ve seen our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members struggle with preventable diseases for so long and we refuse to do the same. So kudos to all of you! Me personally, I’m on my way back to that road! 3 years ago I made up in my mind that I wanted to live! I wanted to be around to fulfill this amazing destiny that God had laid out before me, however, I knew that that may not be a possibility if I kept treating my body like I’d been doing in the past! So I changed my eating habits, started hitting the gym twice a day, and over the course of about 6-7 months I dropped 40 pounds! 

Now after the initial weight loss, I began to get a bit relaxed in perusing my health goals. I gradually started eating what I once ate. I wasn’t in the gym as much. I slowly began to see old habits that I broke sneak back into my life. The scale started moving in the opposite direction. And now, 3 years later, I’m struggling to get back in the press. I definitely don’t remember it being this hard 3 years ago! Bouncing back has proven to be far more difficult than the fight to just stick to it the first time!
This same concept is applicable to so many different areas in our lives, especially our spiritual walk. Often times we find ourselves slowly regressing in various areas. And we can see ourselves moving backwards, but we feel as though we have things under control and can get back on track at anytime. So instead of fighting to continue progressing, we fall back and let things ride. Next thing you know, we are standing in a place that is all to familiar, but is extremely uncomfortable. We then realize that it would have been much easier to have fought to stay where we were than it is trying to get back to where we were. Fighting to stay in the press is hard. It’s challenging. It cost us our will and our way, but I promise it is worth it in the end!
Have you ever been there? God knows I have, one too many times! But I’ve got good news! Today is an opportunity to jump back in the fight. Right now is your chance to make a decision to discipline your spirit so that you can bounce back from this minor setback! You have what it takes to get it done! I believe in you! This setback doesn’t have to define you. You have the option to let it refine you so that you can come back better than ever! I know you can do it because you are TOUGH! 
By imtoughenough

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