The Day I Realized There Are No Ceilings

I’ve always considered myself to be a connoisseur of good music. I love a diverse variety of genres and artist. However, hip hop music has always been a favorite. Not the random spew of words that many rappers today consider music, but I’m talking about that hip hop in which the lyrics are pulpit worthy! A few years back Lil Wayne released a mixtape entitled “No Ceilings.” (The first one) This mixtape was my jawn! Now I’m not sure if Tunechi realized it or not but that statement has a strong spiritual undertone. As a matter of fact, the title was prophetic for many. So my question to you today is, “What would your life look like if there were no ceilings”? 

I was sitting at my desk Thursday morning and it’s like a lightbulb came on. I realized that I’d been living life with ceilings. Even though I’ve experienced some success, it was still with ceilings attached to it. Ceilings are used to represent limitations. For example, in a building or a room, a ceiling is used to limit the height of the room. Once the ceiling is complete, the structure can’t go any higher. So in essence, ceilings confine the the growth of something. Ceilings set limitations. 

So as I looked up at the ceiling, I I asked myself the same question. “What would my life look like if their were no ceilings?” I thought about all the areas in my life in which I’d placed limitations. I thought about the times that I’d talked myself out of something that I knew God had placed inside of me to do. I thought about the excuses that I’d put in place to prevent me from doing more than what I’m doing right now. I thought about all of the ceilings in my life. But then I had a quick glimpse of what could be if I actually got rid of the ceilings! 

You see when you take the ceilings off, possibilities are endless! So if we know this, why do we operate within ceilings? I’m so glad you asked! There is a level of discipline that is required to live a life without ceilings that most aren’t willing to embrace. Life without ceilings require an impeccable work ethic. It calls for great sacrifices. It forces many late nights and early mornings. You will pay with much sweat and many tears. You will have to let go off all of your fears. Doubt won’t be able to hang around. And you will have to step out on faith like never before, but in the end, I promise it’s worth it.

The question now becomes, “Are you willing to give what it takes to live a life without ceilings?” We can’t have the reward without the work. It just doesn’t work like that. When we make up our minds that there is absolutely nothing that we can’t do or have (and not just materialistic) that we open our mouths and ask for and are willing to put the work in that it’s going take to acquire it, that’s when we realize that there are no ceilings. So I’m here today to remind you that there are no ceilings except for the ones you create. Today lets make a declaration that there are no ceilings on your health. No ceilings on your wealth. There are no ceilings on your family. None on your career. Not one on your purpose. And definitely none on your destiny! Take all of the limitations off and live the life that you were created to live…..without ceilings!  


By imtoughenough

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