God Did His Part, Now I Have To Do Mine

So the last time I blogged, I let you all in on how I had a setback but I was well on my way to major comeback. And yes, just to let you know, things are still looking up. This week I want to talk about not only getting delivered, but the work that it takes in STAYING DELIVERED. Is it me or does that seem to be the real challenge? When I was in the middle of my last messy situation, I found myself crying and pleading for God to deliver me. And guess what, He did just that! He delivered me. Now I just knew that since I was free I wouldn’t have the same thoughts and desires that I once had. I knew that the road ahead would not necessarily be easy, but I thought that I was through dealing with “that” situation. Clearly I was wrong.

Deliverance is defined as the action of being rescued or set free. Yes I’d been rescued. Yes I’d been set free. However, I didn’t consider that I would have to continuously walk out my deliverance. God did His part. He delivered me just like I’d asked Him to do, but now it is up to me to walk it out. Deliverance isn’t a one-time deal. I had/have to make a conscience decision that the muddle I was in no longer has power or authority to rule in my life.

Just because I’ve been delivered doesn’t mean that those ratchet thoughts don’t pop back up in my mind. Walking out my deliverance doesn’t mean that I don’t still have ungodly desires. Deliverance doesn’t mean that my flesh doesn’t attempt to rise up and act a pure donkey. What deliverance does mean is that I no longer give those things opportunity to fester when they pop up.

I have to continuously command my thoughts, words, and my actions to come under submission of the blood of Jesus. I have to continue to die daily, sometimes hourly, and occasionally minute by minute. Is this a difficult thing to do? At times it seems like I am fighting the battle of my life, but the more I spend time in God’s presence, the more I study and apply His word, the more I subdue and He arises in me, the less complicated staying delivered becomes.

I understand more and more each day that walking in deliverance has to be a lifestyle. It is not something that I can do in my own power. I can wish and want all day, but it is through allowing God’s Holy Spirit to have total control over every aspect of my life that I can stay delivered. Today in church my Pastor began to sing the old hymn “I Need Thee Every Hour.” Although I’ve heard and sang that song a million times before, it had new meaning this morning. It is because of Christ that I am delivered. It is through and in Christ that I will remain delivered.

I pray that something said in this blog entry has sparked or spoken something into your spirit that has caused you to desire Christ even the more. Have a great week!

By imtoughenough

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